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You will find the following tenants in Permanent Suites at The Columbus MarketPlace: ABC Gift Sources - Ben Wild & Wheary Associates - CWI Gifts - GM & Associates - Colonial Tin Works - Coronet Fashion Jewelry, Handbags & Accessories Inc. - D&G Oyler - David & Associates - Fox Enterprises - GJ Sales Co., Inc. - Gennari & Company - GR8 Reps Gift Connection- Guardian Packaging - Harpster & Company - TrendSmart Sales - Lydia Rose - M S Sales - Marino & Associates - Mark Williams & Company - McGowan LTD - Stirgwolt & Associates- The Fox Group - The Weber Group - Tomijohn - Vince Kramer Associates - W.T. Collection,- Zaer LTD, International

2018 August Exhibitors  8/17/2018 to 8/19/2018  

The following Exhibitors will be here Friday, Aug 17 thru Sunday, Aug 19th. Don't miss your chance to see these amazing lines! Books by Bieber, Candle Warmers, CEmeraki, CoCo Tribe, Copper Art, Dixon & Associates, Dragonfly LLC, Dunn Specialties, MereKate Accessories, Pine Ridge Products, Timeless by Design/formerly Ohio Wholesale